After you have finished building the basic things from ThirdParty required for SOPE, you can go on building the core application server.

The SOPE projects contains Objective-C libraries for processing XML, IMAP4, LDAP and a full HTML template based application server.

Note: The instructions below are updated for SOPE 4.4 as it is available in the Subversion repository. It won't work with older SOPE 4.2 source packages.


  • From ThirdParty: gnustep-make, gnustep-objc
  • libxml2 (including Development package)
  • zlib Development package (including zutil.h!)
  • OpenLDAP libs & development headers
  • PostgreSQL client libs & development headers
  • Note: Do not use the zlib header files from the Linux kernel. You need to install the proper zlib development headers. On some systems the zutil.h seems to be missing, get it from somewhere ;-)

    Make Parameters

    debug=yes Compile with debugging information. Recommended for OGo trunk builds.
    strip=yes Strip debugging information from binaries. Recommended for building packages.
    ssl=no Do not compile SSL support for SOPE. SSL is not strictly required for (https is handled by Apache, not OGo).
    sasl=no Specify if you get SASL errors during compilation.
    reentrant=yes Compile to reentrant binaries - required when compiling against Oracle libraries (not required for standard setups).

    Buildtime: 4m:35s (Athlon 1800+)

    Starting with SOPE 4.4 the frameworks can be build with configure and without sourcing Run ./configure --help to see all options.

    ./configure --enable-debug
    make all
    sudo make install

    The above will install SOPE in /usr/local. If you want to install into a GNUstep deployment root, use the --with-gnustep option (you usually don't want to unless you are on MacOSX).

    All the SOPE libraries will be installed, along with some tools useful for testing the system like saxxml, xmlrpc_call, sope, and wod.

    Check for success: XML subsystem, XML-RPC client.

    Written by Helge Heß