SOPE aims to be as compatible with WO 4.5 as possible, nevertheless some things are not available, some things work different, and of course a lot of additional things are available.

TODO: write much more ...

Note: Remember to look at the WO Compatibility Options page!

Things which WO 4.5 has, but SOPE doesn't have ...

  • WebScript (work in progress - stay tuned!)
  • Java support (shouldn't be difficult with JIGS!)
  • DirectToWeb (shouldn't be difficult if GDL2 is ready, prototype of the rule engine is available in NGExtensions
  • DirectToJavaClient

Things which are different in SOPE

  • WOXML is available for Objective-C
  • WOMessage XML DOM methods are available for Objective-C
  • Builtin dynamic elements are class clusters for fast and small in-memory templates
  • core dynamic elements in SOPE generate markup which works in both, XML/XHTML and HTML (eg <img /> instead of <img>)

Some special features of SOPE not available in WO

  • components can act like direct actions! (TODO: write more)
  • XML based templates (.WOx)
  • "SOPE" aka DirectAction^3 aka Zope-style WO
  • Various higher level reusable elements in WEExtensions (tableviews, treeviews, drag-n-drop, browsers, scheduling views, ...)
  • builtin WebDAV implementation, including DASL
  • builtin XML-RPC implementation
  • DOM tree based rendering (NGObjDOM)
  • Additional "hash" syntax in .wo wrapper templates (<#MyString/> instead of <WEBOBJECT NAME="MyString"></WEBOBJECT>)
  • Supports a "cursor" in addition to the active component (incomplete, explain more)
  • resource managers are bound to components
  • always in direct connect mode
  • SOPE:X, build WO apps as AppKit apps using WebKit
  • ... TODO: add missing stuff


  • -redirectToLocation: method (arg NSString or NSURL)
  • supports WOx XML templates
  • supports per-component resource-manager
  • can act as a direct action (very cool!)
  • has -existingSession method like WODirectAction