mod_ngobjweb is the Apache module to be used in front of any SOPE application.

Since the SOPE application server is not a fully compliant HTTP server (you should not be blinded by the fact that most stuff seems to work using regular browsers), you should ALWAYS use mod_ngobjweb and Apache in front.

Apache Version

In general I would still suggest to use Apache 1.3. It works. Its stable. Its proven. If you choose to use Apache 2, don't try to bother me on issues.
Apparently the current version is known to work with any Apache 1.3.2x version. It should work with Apache 2.0.47 in non-threaded mode and is known not to work with Apache 2.0.48, though a fix was posted on the mailing lists.


The most important thing is that the apxs can be found. Eg on SuSE 9.0 this is located in /usr/sbin (WTF?!), which obviously isn't part of the standard PATH.
So ensure that this works:

helge@move:~/dev/> which apxs

After adding /usr/sbin to PATH it worked for me:

helge@move:~/dev/> make
gcc -shared -shared -fPIC -o \
globals.o handler.o NGBufferedDescriptor.o \
scanhttp.o sns.o config.o ngobjweb_module.o 

The result is where the version number is wrong but the binary correct. So I copied that to the Apache path:

helge@move:~/dev/> sudo \
cp /usr/lib/apache2/


TODO ...