Documentation related to the SKYRiX Object Publishing System - SOPE

What is SOPE?

Well, the name "SOPE" is "overloaded" in the OGo packages. It is basically three things (all yellow marked boxes in the diagram):

  1. the collection of sope-xml, sope-core, sope-appserver (called SOPE)
  2. the application server package, sope-appserver
  3. a set of subprojects of NGObjWeb, the main appserver library (SoObjects, SoOFS, WebDAV)

Why is that? We thought that the whole OGo application server should be named after the most important part - which will be the SOPE part of NGObjWeb (it is not in the moment, since those SOPE parts are not final but work in progress).

Pages at

This place is only a temporary documentation aggregator. Please also look at the SOPE pages at the main website.

  • SOPE@OGo
  • Pages

  • SOPE Methods
  • SOPE (SoObjects) FAQ
  • On SOPE Templates
  • WOx Templates (XML based WO templates)
  • Differences to WebObjects
  • WO Compatibility Options
  • mod_ngobjweb Apache Module
  • Howto attach objects to the SOPE tree ...
  • Using NGStreams ...
  • WETableView dynamic element ...